Fair Lanes Southwest yields big harvest Late October features bushel of high scores


November 15, 1992|By SON VITEK

The last couple weeks of October saw some fine scores posted at Fair Lanes Southwest:

* Sam Holden marked eight times in the Friday Early Mixed League on Oct. 16 for a 207 game.

* Joe Levandoski finished his first game of the night in the Friday Early Mixed League on Oct. 30 with strikes in the eighth and ninth frames, then added a double and a nine-count in the 19th frame for a 210 game.

* Bob Watkins, bowling in the Second Army League on Oct. 27, posted a 193 game.

* Rich Allen, in the Ferndale League on Oct. 28, had a 180 game.

* Doris Roy, in the Thursday Sociables League on Oct. 29, rolled a 196 game.

Levandoski bowls in only one league, The Friday Mixed, and last year carried a 125 average. This year, that average has climbed to 132. Bowling for "about 15 years," he has a career-high game of 221 and a high set of 494.

"I'd like to bowl in the pro duckpin league later," he said, "and bowl in more tournaments."

On the Friday night he posted his 210 game, one of his teammates said, "He made a strong finish, four strikes and a nine-count with his last five balls."

After posting the opening 210 game, Levandoski fired another fine game, 160, then in the third and final game slumped to a 97.

"I started thinking about the 500 set," he said. "The 494 series was close, but then I knew I needed only a 130 game for the 500, and I guess I tried too hard. I kept ripping the 3-9 and had to settle for the 467 series."

Roy of Brooklyn Park bowls in a single league, the Thursday Sociables at Southwest. She carries a 124 average with a career-high game of 206 and a high series of 448.

She fired a fine 196 game as the base for a 445 set with the Sociables.

Dueling brothers-in-law

At Greenway Bowl Odenton in the American Bowling Congress Masters Qualifier, it wasn't brother-against-brother, but the final match did pit brother-in-law against brother-in-law.

John Switala came from the losers' bracket in the double-elimination format and defeated the tournament leader twice in two-game matches.

John Switala, who lives in Pasadena, carries a 211 average with a career-high series of 806 and several 300 games.

His brother-in-law, Ray Adkinson, led the winners' bracket, averaging 224 for the eight games he bowled in winning four matches.

Switala, a tenpin bowler since 1974, lost to Adkinson in the first match, 472-370, to go into the losers' bracket. Switala averaged 219 for the next 10 games, winning five straight matches for a remarkable comeback. That brought him into the final match against Adkinson.

In the first two games of the final match, Switala won, 374-362. The last two games he won, 449-437. A difference of 24 pins in a four-game final isn't much, but it got the job done.

"It made for a long day," Switala said. "After the first match that I lost to Ray, I knew I couldn't lose again. That meant that I had to keep winning two-game matches for the rest of the day. Taken all together, I must have bowled about 20 games in that tournament."

It was worth it. Switala receives a paid entry into the 1992 ABC Masters in Tulsa, Okla., and $225 in expense money. Atkinson picked up $290 for his second-place finish.

Footnote: Dave Ferguson posted a 262 average for the six games of qualifying, putting up a 299 game and a 823 series.

Aiming toward the pros

Ray Adcock, an 18-year-old senior at Glen Burnie High, has his career pretty much planned.

"I'd like to bowl at the collegiate level, and then turn pro," he said.

Adcock, who started bowling when he was 9, bowls at Greenway Bowl Odenton. He credits the youth program there for his development into a serious tenpin bowler.

"Miss Peggy [Tully, assistant manager] and Mr. Bob Boeh helped me a lot with coaching," Adcock said.

That coaching and a lot of daily practice is paying off. Adcock is averaging 209 and has a high series of 793. In June, he threw 11 strikes in a row, leaving the 3-10 for a career-high 298 game.

"I was real nervous in the 10th frame," he said. "I was high with the last ball."

On Oct. 29, in the Capitol Men's League at Greenway Bowl Odenton, Adcock overcame his nerves. This time, after 11 strikes, he threw his 16-pound Turbo ball into the pocket for his first 300 game.

"I was nervous," he said, "but not as nervous as when I threw the 298 game."

Tournament news

The National Amateur Bowlers Inc tournament will be at Crofton Bowling Centre on Nov. 26-29. First place is guaranteed $3,000. For information, call (410) 721-2401.

The Crofton Bowling Centre's His and Hers Tournament will finish Nov. 21. The prize fund, based on 90 entries, will be $1,125.

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