84-year-old keeps rolling


November 15, 1992|By DON VITEK

A few physical problems are not going to stop 84-year-old Dorothy Plunkett from bowling three times a week or from traveling the state to participate in a travel league.

It appears doubtful that anything is going to stop her from bowling. She may or may not be the oldest woman bowling in Harford County, but one thing is certain: No one enjoys bowling more than she does.

"How long have I been bowling?" she said. "Goodness, I started bowling just after my husband died, and that was 1958."

Plunkett, who lives in Aberdeen, bowls three days each week at Harford Lanes, the Tuesday Fellowship, Wednesday afternoon and the Thursday afternoon leagues. On the second Sunday of each month, she joins the Travel League.

"That league bowls at centers all over Maryland," she said. "It's such fun to bowl in other centers, under different conditions, meet different people."

She has a career-high game of 258 and a high series of 618, with an average of 151.

"My average used be over 160," she said. "But now I have to use a 10-pound ball, and that just doesn't carry the way my 15-pound ball did. But my doctor doesn't want me throwing the heavier ball, and, of course, I can't bowl as much as I want. My heart won't let me.

"But bowling is my outlet. I'd bowl every day if I could. When I was recovering from the cornea transplants, I remember I couldn't wait to get back on the lanes.

"My doctor doesn't try to keep me from bowling anymore. He just gave up."

Pair just misses perfection

Longtime bowlers Kevin Lamb and Don Warfield bowl in the Friday State League at Harford Lanes together, both with averages over 200.

Just days apart, they threw 299 games.

PD On Oct. 23, Warfield, a right-hander, looked at the 10-pin stand

ing on his last ball.

Warfield, who lives in Aberdeen and has been bowling for about 20 years, has a high series of 751 and a 208 average.

Warfield started slowly with a 192 and a 189 game before lining up 11 strikes and watching a pocket hit leave the 10-pin.

"I'm using a 16-pound Nitro bowling ball," he said. "And since I've started bowling with it this past year I've had two 290 games and the 299, so it's just a matter of time until I hit the 300."

Lamb has thrown seven 300 games and was close to the eighth on Oct. 20 at Harford.

"I just didn't hit up the ball as much as I should have. That was enough to leave the seven-pin," he said.

Lamb, originally from Ohio, lives in Aberdeen, and has been bowling for 17 years. He's been just three pins short of an 800 set and averages 206 with a 16-pound Purple Hammer.

Big scores in Bel Air

Bel Air Bowl has been the scene of a bunch of fine scores since the new season started.

Mike Myers shot a 792 set, and Cherle Rutherford had a 289 game. Ginney Courtney posted a 672 series, and Tom Criss banged out a 754 series.

Gary Lehr had a 289, and Kris Courtney shot a 257 game as the cornerstone for a 664 series.

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