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November 15, 1992|By Mike Preston | Mike Preston,Staff Writer

COLLEGE PARK -- Marcus Badgett was still a little stunned after Maryland's 53-23 win over Clemson yesterday at Byrd Stadium.

Badgett, a senior receiver, had nine receptions for 184 yards, including touchdown passes of 38 and 15 yards.

Badgett set an Atlantic Coast Conference record for receptions in a season with 75 and yards receiving in a season with 1,230. His nine touchdown receptions in a season is a Maryland record.

"You just sit back and think about it," said Badgett, who was a seldom-used receiver until coach Mark Duffner brought his run-and-shoot offense to Maryland. "I was happy to just get involved in the offense and look what happens.

"I really haven't thought about the records much, but once the season is over for a while, I guess it will sink in," said Badgett, who missed a game and a half with an ankle injury.

Kaleo's marks

Badgett was not the only record-breaker. Maryland senior quarterback John Kaleo, from Bowie, now has six Maryland records, including completions in a season (286), attempts in a season (582), total offense in a season (3,492), total passing yards in a season (3,392), passes intercepted in a season (22) and touchdowns in one game (five).

"John Kaleo is one of the gutsiest performers I have been around," Duffner said.

One of Kaleo's receivers, junior Frank Wycheck, a part-time H-back and superback, now has the Maryland career record in receptions with 129.

Sting and Hulk

Quite a few of the Maryland players wore eye shadow over their entire faces yesterday.

Now, can pro wrestling careers be too far behind? Will Maryland linebacker Mike Jarmolowich be the next Sting and defensive tackle Darren Drozdov the next Hulk Hogan?

"Actually, Dave deBruin [Terps guard] and I started putting more of it on every game," said Jarmolowich. "He's kind of demented, you know. When he put this war paint on yesterday, I didn't know if it would work. Now, I could see myself in the ring battling some of those big, fat guys."

"You and me brother," said Drozdov, giving Jarmolowich a high-five and impersonating Hogan. "I can see myself with a green tongue."

A winning look

Talk about savoring a victory. For the first time all season, Maryland seniors Jarmolowich and Kaleo showed up in the post-game news room wearing their uniforms.

"It's going to be a long time before I take this baby off. I'm going out and partying in it tonight," said Jarmolowich, who finished with 404 career tackles, only the third Maryland player ever to top the 400 mark.

In the books

More Maryland records this season:

* total plays in one season -- 945.

* total net yards in one season -- 5,127.

* pass completions in one season -- 304.

* pass attempts in one season -- 514.

* passing yards in one season -- 3,628.

* first downs in one season -- 288.

* first downs passing in one season -- 165.

* points allowed in one season -- 365.

* total yards allowed in one season -- 5,216.

* penalties by opponent in one season -- 99.

* yards penalized by opponent in one season -- 837.

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