Madden needs to ease upCould someone tell me why it's...


November 15, 1992

Madden needs to ease up

Could someone tell me why it's necessary for broadcaster John Madden to explain in great detail what had occurred on almost every play? Who does he think is watching the football game? A bunch of 8-year-olds?

Hopefully, CBS will realize the time has come for a change. Put motor-mouth Madden on the radio where he would probably excel. He sure doesn't belong on TV.

John Zaruba

Baltimore When the winner of the Orioles MVP was announced, I found myself thinking there should have been co-MVPs. Mike Devereaux, who won, and Brady Anderson combined to make up the bulk of the offense this year.

But, in my opinion, three things occurred to rob these two players of an honest vote. The first thing was that Brady got all the media attention outside of Baltimore, or so it seemed. Second, Brady made the All-Star team, an amazing accomplishment when you consider his career numbers. Which leads me to the third reason: Brady had an outstanding year but has had a disappointing career. Devereaux, on the other hand, has gotten better every year. Astounding, though, that in a year that saw Brady Anderson firmly write his name in the record books of the Orioles and major leagues, he couldn't be named co-MVP of the Orioles. Simply amazing.

I wonder if anyone else had done what Brady did this year, would the vote have come out differently?

M. W. Thompson

Ellicott City

Baltimore is for Crabs

For the past few weeks, I've been reading different opinions on what Baltimore's new football team should be named. Of course, everyone is partial to the name Colts.

Here I was yelling with the "Big Wheel" just as everyone else was. But I see two possible problems with getting the Colts name back. First, is there a rule in the NFL regarding two teams with the same name? (Of course, if not, name them the Colts, and let Robert Irsay and those Hoosiers do what they want.) Two, if Irsay wants to let us have the Colts name back, what ridiculous price would he charge?

Let's call our new team what everyone really wants to: The Baltimore Crabs. Let's face it -- Crabs are Baltimore! Crabs are down and dirty, crud-filled crustaceans. The type of mascot that symbolizes the way football was played in the great old Colt days, the nickname alone would make the "All Madden Team!"

I forsee only one problem with calling our new team the Crabs. Making sure no one eats the mascot! Hey, "Big Wheel" start practicing, C-R-A-B-S!

Jeff Volmer


Lonnie Smith played it safe

I feel compelled to respond to comments made by baseball writer Jim Henneman in the Oct. 25 editions of The Sun.

Mr. Henneman states that Lonnie Smith of the Atlanta Braves was the "goat" of the 1991 World Series because of making a critical baserunning mistake. Supposedly, his mistake was not being able to score from first base on a two-out double.

I believe Mr. Henneman should go back and take a closer look at the facts. On the play in question there were no outs. This fact makes a substantial difference in the situation. Lonnie Smith made the right decision in running cautiously and stopping at third base. There was no reason to take an unnecessary risk with no one out. While Smith may have been "faked out," the fault for the Braves not scoring rested with his teammates who could not get him home from third base with no one out.

I believe Mr. Henneman and his media cohorts should concentrate more on relaying the facts accurately and less on unjustly labeling players as "goats."

M. R. Stewart


Sr. Olympics worth covering


The Maryland Senior Olympic Games were held at Towson State University on Oct. 8, 9 and 10. Approximately 1,500 athletes from throughout the state of age 55 and older competed a vast assortment of athletic events. This is the 13th year for these Olympics. As a competitor in these games, I am writing this letter to express my disappointment and the disappointment of many others of your almost nonexistent coverage of these games.

I saw nothing in The Sun or The Evening Sun prior to the games that gave a hint that such an event was being held in Baltimore. This is an insult to these competitors, their families, their friends and the state of Maryland. You missed a chance for some great stories. The basketball teams were composed of local players who 30 to 35 years ago played amateur, collegiate, and professional ball in this area and were reunited again. There were national age-group champions in track and a few father-son combinations that competed in many events. My 83-year-old father won four gold medals in running and jumping events.

Herman Blinchikoff


Time to boycott the NBA

Unless we sports fans take the bull by the horns, these pro ballplayers are going to rake us from the salaries they are getting. For example: I read in The Sun that Michael Jordan makes $35 million. When are we going to wake up and smell the coffee?

Solution: Boycott the games and bring the salaries down. Who really needs $35 million a year? Get real.

Andy McCord

Baltimore This letter is long overdue. I am so fed up that I was driven to write. I am writing regarding Channel 13's sports anchor, John Buren.

He is the absolute worst TV sportscaster that I have ever watched. He is so insincere and foolishly arrogant on the air that it is sickening to watch.

The viewers of Maryland deserve better!

Jan Rue


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