Grade School Materials OffensiveDo you know your...


November 15, 1992

Grade School Materials Offensive

Do you know your elementary school uses foul language and racist remarks in its curriculum, and our children are expected to participate? "The Great Gilly Hopkins," by Katherine Paterson, was used in my child's fourth-grade reading group. Imagine your child reading aloud the following highlights:

Page 10: "My God, you must think I'm mental or something."

Page 12: "Good God! . . . Hell, a person can't even talk around here."

Page 21: "God, on top of everything else, the teacher was black."

. . . There is no redeeming value to this book. This is not an isolated incident; previous school years have revealed equally offensive and inferior materials.

Harford County Board of Education, why is this book in the curriculum?

PTA, what can we do to prevent the infiltration and acceptance of such inferior material?

Katherine Hayes

Bel Air

Hickey's Thanks

I am very grateful for the outstanding support the voters of the 2nd Congressional District provided me on Nov. 3. I ran because I saw my country, state and district continue to decline economically; working families ignored; jobs moving out of our district and people laid off; highest three-year personal and business bankruptcies in Maryland and the U.S., and people of all ages finding it impossible to afford and receive health care.

Our campaign brought people together and united them behind the common goal of creating more jobs and improving the lives of the working people in this district. That's why I supported programs that support working families, such as universal health care, family leave, a child care bill and greater investment in our infrastructure. . . .

I want to thank my family, the Democratic Party, the Coordinated Campaign (Del. Leslie Hutchinson and Mike Morrill), Senators Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes, Louis Goldstein (Mr. Democrat), the Democratic Clubs and Central Committees of this district, the senators and delegates of this district, my staff, (especially Sue Fitzgerald who has been with me from the beginning), the United Auto Workers and United Steelworkers of America unions, and the scores of volunteers who faithfully showed up weekend after weekend, and who, like me, felt the need for a change for the better and a change . . . in this district. . . .

Michael C. Hickey Jr.


The writer was the Democratic candidate in the 2nd Congressional District.

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