Name: Frank and Willie Boice of...

Volunteer Spotlight

November 15, 1992

Name: Frank and Willie Boice of Annapolis.

Activities/hobbies: A retired Navy captain, Mr. Boice works for ARINC in Annapolis. He is an avid volunteer, a habit formed during his naval service, when he was active in youth baseball groups in the United States and overseas.

When First Night Annapolis, a citywide, alcohol-free New Year's Eve celebration, was in the initial planning stages, Mr. Boice and his wife, Willie, a former nurse, approached the organization to offer their help. They had enjoyed Boston's First Night project and wanted to help get it under way in their new home.

As charter members of First Night's volunteers, the organizers praise Mr. Boice's ability to turn his hand to whatever they need doing. Mrs. Boice has been saluted for her efforts as the coordinator of volunteers.

Organization's comments: Liz Welch, co-director of the project, says, "They've been just wonderful support from the very beginning. They had known about First Night in Boston, and so they came in right at the start to offer their help. Frank does whatever is needed, with a smile and a great sense of humor. And Willie has just been invaluable to us. Whenever we need something or someone, Willie finds them for us. She is wonderful and absolutely dependable."

Volunteers' comments: Mr. Boice says, "Why do I do it? It's a challenge, and it's worth doing, and a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing how people view the finished product. It's a great way to get out and about, to meet people, and to give something back to the community." His wife adds, "I've been doing it for two years and it's fun. Plus it's as different from my previous career as a registered nurse as it can be. I also like the diversity of the job."

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