75 Years Ago:* Starting today every letter must bear a...


November 15, 1992

75 Years Ago:

* Starting today every letter must bear a 3-cent postage stamp in place of the previous 2-cent stamp. Penny postcards are out; they now will cost 2 cents. The Sun, Nov. 1, 1917.

* Gen. Joseph E. Kuhn, commander at Camp Meade, stated Army policy that soldiers at the camp would not be permitted to return home to vote in the coming election. The Maryland legislature had failed to pass a Soldiers and Sailors Vote bill. The Sun, Nov. 1, 1917.

* The Navy football team shattered all of its previous records by beating Western Reserve of Cleveland, Ohio, 95 to 0. The Sun, Nov. 3, 1917.

* All Hallow's Parish in Davidsonville is celebrating its 225th anniversary. The Rt. Rev. John Gardiner Murphy, Bishop of the Diocese of Maryland, is the main speaker. The Sun, Nov. 3, 1917.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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