From The Sun Nov. 15-21, 1842Nov. 17: The season thus far...


November 15, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Nov. 15-21, 1842

Nov. 17: The season thus far has been a remarkably pleasant one, it being very seldom that a fire was needed, except early in the morning. Yesterday morning, however, there was a change and upon rising our citizens found the tops of their houses covered with snow which had fallen during the night.

Nov. 21: Rosette Rollins was brought before Justice Jones, on Saturday last, charged with throwing stones in the street and fined $1 and costs.

From The Sun Nov. 15-21, 1892

Nov. 18: Fifty-thousand dollars' worth of the $300,000 plant of the National Brewing Company, at O'Donnell and Third Streets, Canton, Baltimore County, went up in smoke yesterday morning but not a glass of the 40,000 barrels of beer was damaged.

Nov. 19: Amid a wealth of palms and ferns and a profusion of chrysanthemums the Congregation of Har Sinai began last night a celebration in honor of its first half century.

From The Sun Nov. 15-21, 1942

Nov. 17: Baltimore's first surprise blackout test last night, beginning at 8:58 o'clock and lasting fifteen minutes, showed that many improvements in precautions can be made here, officials agreed as they received reports from all sections of the city.

Nov. 20: North Charles Street -- especially in the 900 and 1000 blocks -- is being turned into a "saloon district" and a "rum row," it was declared yesterday at a hearing on the beer-and-wine license granted the China Clipper restaurant.

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