It's the holiday season, so be of good cheer,Invite me on...


November 15, 1992|By -Michael Davis

It's the holiday season, so be of good cheer,

Invite me on over for a flagon of beer.

Ply me with cookies, tempt me with turkey,

Offer a 3-foot-long strip of beef jerky.

I'll eat anything set before me in November,

And continue my munching clear into December,

At holiday parties where charming folk gather

To sip mugs of nog and just generally blather.

We'll pass around mahogany bowls full of nibbles,

Washed down with concoctions of Seagrams and Gibleys.

how I love to be invited to mingle,

When the fireplace crackles and the jinglies jingle.

And don't leave out Hanukkah, Festival of Lights,

When for eight scrumptious days and eight luscious nights

You can fill up your innards with doughnuts and such

(Of a good thing there is never too much).

Ask me to join in the feast that is Kwanzaa,

(I'll bring three-bean dip, one of which is garbanzo.)

An African festival to heighten the spirit

(And the food! I simply can't wait to get near it!)

Look at the calendar! Time to make haste!

Take stock of your stocking! Not one minute to waste!

Start with this section, it's plump with ideas

For holiday jollies and Happy New Year's.

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