Baltimorean sentenced to life in prison

November 14, 1992|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,Staff Writer

A 23-year-old Baltimore man received a sentence of life in prison yesterday for asking an undercover police officer to kill four men, then trying to gun down two of them in Edgewood.

Rynail M. Waters repeatedly told Harford Circuit Judge Cypert O. Whitfill that he did not deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.

"I've been brain-damaged and a disabled person all my life, but I never hurt anyone or put anyone in the hospital," said Waters, who was arrested in December and convicted in September of solicitation to commit murder, attempted murder, assault and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Judge Whitfill cited the "anti-social" description of Waters in a pre-sentence investigation report that he called "the worst history he had seen on any [criminal] in almost 10 years on the bench."

The judge added: "You will continue [the criminal pattern] until you kill someone or you get killed. I have two choices -- lock you down or wait until someone gets killed."

Judge Whitfill also sentenced Waters to 56 years in prison for handgun and drug charges, to run consecutive to six concurrent life terms.

Corrine Waters, the defendant's mother, said her son was born with brain damage, diagnosed when he was 3. He was physically abused by his stepfather, she said, and was treated for emotional problems twice before money for treatment ran out. She disputed the pre-sentence investigation's conclusion that her son was anti-social and said she would get a new attorney for an appeal.

Public defender Ronald M. Stahl represented Waters in the three-day trial, which ended Sept. 11, when the jury deliberated less than 90 minutes before returning a guilty verdict on each of 14 charges.

Testimony at the trial showed Waters had agreed to sell a nickel-plated handgun to an undercover state trooper, then had asked the trooper for help in killing four men because of a dispute over drugs.

Before either deal was completed, Waters was arrested at the Edgewater Village apartment complex in Edgewood on Dec. 14. He had been staying there with his girlfriend when he was charged with firing five shots behind the Edgewood Shopping Center at two of the four men he had asked the trooper to kill.

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