Around the house* Keep kitty out of trouble. Leave open...


November 14, 1992|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Keep kitty out of trouble. Leave open containers of strong-smelling liquids -- such as diluted white vinegar, lemon juice and Tabasco sauce -- in areas that you don't want your cat to inhabit. The odors will discourage cats from off-limits places.

* Brighten soiled canvas tennis shoes. Brush shoes clean with toothpaste and an old toothbrush; rinse in a bucket of clear water, and let dry in the sun or the dryer.

* Keep a pair of kitchen shears handy. They can be used to cut up chicken, slice pizza, snip fresh herbs or mince meat for toddlers.

* Sprinkle salt onto grease stains of garage floor. Excess oil will be absorbed.

* Remove grease stains from cuffs of cotton pants. Try rubbing solid vegetable shortening into fresh stain and toss in washing machine with warm water and detergent.

* Finish up the rest of outside chores before temperatures dip to freezing. Change outside light bulbs, clean front door and wash the rest of your windows.

In the garden

* Use a small plastic wastebasket, which comes in a variety of colors to suit your decorating scheme, as an inexpensive planter for large plants.

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