Manager Craig believes he's on move even if Giants aren't

November 13, 1992|By McClatchy News Service

Giants manager Roger Craig is happy the club is remaining in San Francisco, but he doesn't think he fits into the plans of the new ownership group.

"I have a feeling they'll go with a younger manager," said Craig, 62. "I feel they might make a clean sweep."

Craig, who has an agreement with owner Bob Lurie to manage the Giants through the 1993 season, was referring to a change at the top, including president and general manager Al Rosen.

"I talked with Al in Arizona today, and he said he didn't know what would happen. But I've got to think the new owners must have some other people in mind. Nobody from the new group has contacted me. I expect to hear something within a week. I'm not going to retire. We're talking about a lot of money."

Craig, who has managed the Giants since September 1985, made an estimated $500,000 this year and his 1993 deal apparently includes a raise approaching $100,000.

Nobody has openly discussed new candidates, but the rumor mill has Giants batting instructor Dusty Baker as the potential manager and Bob Quinn and Joe Morgan as candidates for general manager.

"I haven't heard any names mentioned," Craig said. "I just feel good that the people in San Francisco will keep their team. I feel bad for Tampa Bay, too, but they never had a team to lose."

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