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November 13, 1992

Lothian trailer park gets approval to expand

A Lothian mobile home park will be allowed to expand by 101 homes despite the property's restrictive residential zoning.

An administrative hearing officer has granted Boone's Mobile Estates a special exception to expand the 102-acre park at the intersection of Boone's Drive and Route 408.

The property's "residential agricultural" zoning only allows one home per 20 acres. However, the park pre-dates the zoning and has been allowed as a permitted non-conforming use.

"There is a tremendous need for mobile home park sites in Anne Arundel County," said Temporary Hearing Officer Roger A. Perkins. "By granting this special exception, more affordable housing will be made available to existing or new residents."

In his Oct. 29 ruling, Mr. Perkins said the expansion must wait only for the crowding at Southern Middle School to ease. The mobile home park managers also must preserve the non-tidal wetland behind the community swimming pool, he said.


* Parole: Three shoplifters stole $3,050 worth of Ralph Lauren polo shirts and sweaters from Woodward and Lothrop in Parole Plaza last Friday afternoon.

* Hillsmere: A Bowie resident reported to police that someone broke into his 1990 Dodge truck Wednesday while it was parked in the 100 block of Hillsmere Drive at the Hillsmere Shopping Center. The vandals took a tool box valued at $500.

* Edgewater: Vandals broke into a 1987 Ford truck Sunday while it was parked in the 300 block of Bayview Drive and stole stereo equipment valued at $779.

* Annapolis: Two women stole a bed comforter valued at $140 from Linens and Things in the Annapolis Fashion Festival Tuesday.

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