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November 13, 1992|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

Nothing is more dangerous or embarrassing than what you think you know. I've misspelled the names of my co-workers at the Savage Library in this column. Perhaps Stephan Freed, Luz Whooley and Reuben Stollman will forgive my error if I bribe them with fresh homemade bread.

It's the sincerest apology I can think of.

Val Fagan has taken over Reuben's old job as the volunteer coordinator for the homebound program. If you would like to have someone deliver books to your home or would like to volunteer an hour or two every three weeks, please call Val for information at (410) 313-7859.


In the good-deeds-travel-fast department: Susan Poole, president of the Bollman Bridge Elementary PTA, heard about Hammond Elementary's adoption of a south Florida school.

She thought this an idea worth emulating, so, with the approval of the PTA board, Bollman Bridge has adopted Kendale Elementary in Florida. Bollman Bridge students have already collected school supplies for Kendale's children.

However, Kendale is in desperate need of art supplies. Ms. Poole will tell us what is needed as soon as she knows, but get ready to clean out the supply closet before the holidays, and make that donation before the end of the tax year.


The Bollman Bridge PTA fund-raiser of Sally Foster gift wrap was a success, due mostly to the efforts of Bonnie Grooms and Norma Neimiller.

"It's neat," said Susan Poole. "The money raised goes right back to the kids."

This year more than $4,000 is going to fund the cultural arts program, headed by PTA member and fifth-grade Gifted and Talented teacher Marlene Iris.

The PTA will also replace the outdoor recess toys, as well as fund the balance of a spider wall. A spider wall -- for those of us who have never heard of one, but can imagine something just awful -- is a piece of upper body toning equipment that allows the user to pull and climb up a wall. (Phew!)

This $1,100 piece of equipment was apparently designed at Clarksville Elementary. The teachers, students and PTA are contributing toward the cost of the purchase.

Jim McCleary, a Bollman Bridge Physical Education teacher is contributing $433 collected from last year's physical education show. The Bollman Bridge Student Council is contributing $500 and the PTA is contributing the balance.


Thursday a week ago, Brownie Troop 650 held its investiture and rededication ceremony in the hall of the United Methodist Church.

Brownies Mia Chiarella, Sarah Fixen, Shauna Kennedy, Michele Lein and Brandi Whitaker performed a brief skit in which they recited a rhyming recipe and combined ingredients to produce, when blended, Old Glory.

Brownies Sarah Tolliver, Mical Kusnetz, Charlee Conley, Lisa Menard, Heather Stewart, Tori Dettmer, Amy Anderson, Tricia Barry, Mandy Cordier and Shaylin Kennedy performed "The Brownie Story," a two-act play about a tailor's daughters searching for helpful Brownies to help care for their parents and grandparents and the house.

Their search led them through the woods to the wise old owl portrayed by Tori Dettmer, who advised them to look at the bottom of the lake. Imagine their surprise when the daughters gazed into the lake, and discovered their own reflections.

After the play, the Brownie Scouts passed out chocolate chip cookies, punch, and (what else), brownies, to their guests.


Cub Scout Pack 617 participated in the Howard County Community Service Day recently. The Cubs combined a morning of mulching the trails around Centennial Lake with an afternoon of activities planned by Mike Dougherty.

The Cubs included Donnie Carr, Paul Ganoe, Brandon Jones, Avram Gottschlich, Alex Readen, Christopher Rudacille, Neal Bumgarner, Adam Gross, Chris Johnson, Danny Loeb, Ryan Shinholt, Danny Spillan, Bernie Troxell, Jeremy Voboril, Bryan Dougherty, Robert Schapiro, David Pecor, William Shields, Sean Wenstrup, Vincent Colvin, Aaron Pendergrass, C.J. Yezek, Noel Cordier, Patrick Ryals, Benjamin Fixen, Eddie Lopez, Scotty Wallace, Evan Wilkinson, David Yorzinski, Adam Daniell and Seth Kusnetz.

After mulching the trail, the group hiked around the lake to the north shore. There it was joined by Blake Dunn, Jonathan Craig, Jay Chesley, Andy Keatts, Michael Traber, Rusty Griffin, Stephen Panzera, Michael Panzera, Mark Mazarella and Kevin Rose.

The youngsters ate lunch before a demanding schedule of afternoon activities. Then Fall Camp Day began in earnest. Dennis Voboril showed the Scouts how to identify different types of trees. Jim Pecor showed them his insect specimens. Mike Griffith and Stan Kusnetz taught first aid. (I wonder if they included first aid for insect bites.)

Bob Kita taught safe knife handling so the Scouts could earn a Whittl'n Chip card. Paul Shapiro helped everyone make bird feeders. Mike Dougherty taught them to tie knots. Woody Shields manned the fishing station. A reliable low-placed source tells me that someone caught a rainbow trout, an unprecedented improvement over last year's haul of two very small carp.

Scouts who wished to went canoeing with Chris Colvin (there were no inadvertent swimming lessons). After such a busy afternoon, the Scouts ended the day with hot dogs and marshmallows and a blazing campfire.

Troop 617 members Robbie McGinnis and Jamie Griffin led the campfire program of songs and skits. Work, play and learning, what a great way to spend a Saturday!


Our agent in the Handel's Messiah group, Elisa Firth, reports that the group has decided on a date and time: 7 p.m. Dec. 12, but agreement on the place is yet to be reached.

Perhaps they're waiting for divine inspiration? In any case, if you're interested, the next rehearsal is schedule for 10 a.m. this Saturday.

I urge you to join, since I've just blown the cover of the agent I've used up till now.

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