Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems plans cellular fax machines

November 13, 1992|By Timothy J. Mullaney | Timothy J. Mullaney,Staff Writer

Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems Inc. said yesterday that it was introducing a cellular fax machine aimed at letting workers be ever more in touch when they are not at their desks.

"We're the first in our market to launch this kind of service," said Rob Smith, general manager of marketing applications for Bell Atlantic Mobile in Bedminster, N.J.

Mike Franklin, Bell Atlantic Mobile's director of product management for wireless data, said the machines would be about the size of a notebook computer. It can be powered by a battery pack, through a car's cigarette lighter, or from a standard wall plug.

It does not contain a phone unit and must be used in conjunction with a car phone or other mobile phone. "We think it's got the flexibility," Mr. Franklin said.

The facsimile machines can both receive and send documents. Users are charged regular rates for cellular air time for fax transmissions. A typical page of text takes less than a minute to send.

A cellular fax machine with accessories costs less than $1,000.

Mr. Franklin said that the company plans to expand its cellular data offerings over the next few months, capitalizing on recent improvements in the technology for wireless modems.

"We think the whole wireless data market is about to explode," he said.

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