Glen Burnie

November 12, 1992

Two men with gun take $2 from 10-year-old girl

A 10-year-old girl walking to a Glen Burnie store with her cousin Tuesday evening was robbed of her purse containing $2 at gunpoint by two men.

"Children and seniors are more vulnerable to this type of crime," said Officer Terry Robey, a police spokeswoman.

The cousin, Michael Rena Couarrubias, 22, told police the two were walking from their home to the Rite Aid in the Sun Valley Shopping Center when two men followed them.

A police report said the suspects stepped in front of the victims in an alley between the Maryland National Bank and the Wyman Park Federal Saving and Loan Association.

One of the men pulled a rifle or shotgun from his pants leg, pointed it at Mr. Couarrubias and said, "We can do this easy or hard," according to police.

The other suspect took the girl's purse and was looking for money when a car turned the corner behind the bank. When the suspects turned to look at the car, Mr. Couarrubias and the girl ran to the Rite Aid and called police.

Mr. Couarrubias told police he thought he had seen the suspects before in Freetown Village.

Right-on-red banned on Central Avenue

The State Highway Administration has agreed to put up signs banning a right turn on a red light at Central Avenue turning south onto Crain Highway.

Katherine DeGrange, who chairs the public works committee of the Glen Burnie Improvement Association, said Tuesday that the SHA has not set a date for when the right on red at the intersection will be prohibited.

The GBIA had made the request to the state because the line of sight for drivers heading toward Crain Highway is poor, Mrs. DeGrange said.


* Glen Burnie: Someone broke into a home under construction in the 8000 block of Silver Fox Circle on Monday or Tuesday and stole a hot water heater worth about $300.

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