New 'Dracula' features great clothes to die for

November 12, 1992|By Carol Teagardin | Carol Teagardin,Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Perhaps you're weary of coffee-table books that pretend to be art; goodness knows, after a peek at Madonna's "Sex," we certainly are.

Perhaps you're also weary of over-promoted movies; do we really need Batman tortilla chips, for Pete's sake?

But anyone interested in costume design or period films or Dracula may want to take a look at "Coppola and Eiko on Bram Stoker's Dracula."

It's one of four official book tie-ins to the upcoming movie -- hey, we already told you it was over-promoted -- and the only one devoted entirely to costume design.

When filming started, director Francis Ford Coppola reportedly decreed, "The costumes will be the set," so the garb created by Japanese designer Eiko Ishioka is an important element in the film, scheduled to be released later this month.

The $40 book is available in bookstores tomorrow. It features 90 photographs by David Seidner, as well as sketches by Eiko and a text detailing "the creation of costumes in light of the director's vision" (which explains Coppola's credit in the title, we guess).

Anyway, the book is beautiful and slick and even interesting and informative.

And, unlike "Sex," it won't have to be hidden from children.

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