Par 3 months away for Taylor

November 11, 1992|By Newsday

NEW YORK -- Lawrence Taylor could begin playing golf in about three months and do some light running in about four after undergoing surgery yesterday to repair his ruptured right Achilles' tendon.

The surgery conducted by Giants team physician Russell F. Warren lasted an hour and 15 minutes at the Hospital for Special Surgery-Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan.

Warren sewed a tear in the tendon, which occurred about an inch and a quarter above the heel. Taylor, 33, was expected to remain in the hospital last night.

A statement released by the Giants said Taylor's lower leg will be placed in a plaster cast for the next four or five days. After that time, he'll be fitted with a bi-valve cast that he'll wear for approximately two to three weeks.

He'll then be fitted with a brace that will limit his range of motion, but allow him to begin the rehabilitation process. He will wear the brace for about eight to 10 weeks. If his mobility progresses, he may be allowed to do some light running in March.

Warren was not available for comment, but Dr. Jacob Rozbruch, chief orthopedic surgeon at Beth-Israel Medical Center North and a specialist in Achilles' tendon surgeries, said it's a good sign that the tear occurred above the heel.

"If it's very close to the bone, the more difficult it is to get a good result," he said. "If it's up near the muscle, the better the result."

Giants trainer Ronnie Barnes said once Taylor begins his range-of-motion exercises, he may be placed in a softer brace so he can begin playing golf and take part in other recreational activities. "That's what he wants to do and we're going to try to accommodate him," Barnes said.

The rehab work will consist of two principles, Barnes said, to increase flexibility and improve the muscle strength in the calf. Along with the standard range-of-motion exercises, Taylor will undergo a number of manual resistance type of exercises.

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