Nielsen 'de-lists' 30 minutes of TV

November 11, 1992|By Newsday

Nielsen is not providing ratings for this past Friday's 7 p.m. half-hour in New York. The reason it "de-listed" -- eliminated, dropped, zapped, threw out -- the 30 minutes was an ad Friday in one of the local daily tabs that Nielsen believed was a form of tampering with its TV-rating system.

The ad, placed by Carsey-Werner Distributor's president, Bob Jacobs, was directed specifically to Nielsen families, asking them to watch Bill Cosby's "You Bet Your Life" that night.

"Part of Nielsen's contract with subscribers gives ad and promotion guidelines," said Nielsen communications director Jo Laverdi, "and, when we feel there is an attempt to solicit Nielsen-sample homes, we reserve the right to de-list ratings," which Nielsen did in this case.

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