Arts Concil awarding grants


November 10, 1992

HOWARD COUNTY ELLICOTT CITY — ELLICOTT CITY -- The Howard County Arts Council has matched last year's grants awards, handing out $96,000 to county-based organizations such as the Candlelight Concert Society and Kinetics Dance Theatre. The balance of the council's fiscal 1993 awards, $90,720 total came from the state and county governments.

This is the first year the Arts Council is administering grants outside the county, a task previously handled by the county's Department of Citizen Services.

Mary Toth, the Arts Council's executive director, said the non-profit agency was able to offset a 25 percent cut in state funding by tightening its belt by freezing salaries, cutting professional training, eleminating scholarships and enlarging the sizes of art classes. The organization plans to solicit donations from corporations this year to help balance any future cuts in government funding next year.

Ms. Toth defends the out-of-county grants as part of a regional effort to support institutions that are used by Howard residents.

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