Sincerely Yours, Alger Hiss

November 10, 1992

Dear Editor,

I appreciate the opportunity to tell your readers something of my joyous feelings about the recent information from Russia that their official archives provide the vindication I have sought for so long. And this particular date [the letter was written Wednesday, the day after Election Day] lets me express my pleasure, as a life-long Democrat, at another long-delayed triumphant event, the decisive victory of Governor Clinton.

A native of Baltimore, I grew up as a constant reader of the Sun papers. It seems appropriate, therefore, for me to give The Sun a personal account of my elation at the official pronouncement from Russia that there is no basis for the charges of espionage made 44 years ago during the near public hysteria of the early days of the Cold War and the initial stages of what know as McCarthyism. My feelings are of gratification and joy at the end of an ordeal. I am also deeply grateful to the friends who have stood by me all these years and who were instrumental in bringing about this happy culmination of my efforts at vindication, the details of which The Sun carried in its detailed account last week.

I thank The Sun for inviting me to give this personal account of my response to the glad tidings.

Sincerely yours,

Alger Hiss

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