Schaefer's NodIn my estimation there is nothing quite so...


November 10, 1992

Schaefer's Nod

In my estimation there is nothing quite so galling as for citizens of this nation who demand the freedoms of speech and of beliefs to seek to impose their beliefs upon others. (letter, Nov. 5). In other words, "It's all right for you to believe what you choose to believe providing, of course, that it does not clash with my beliefs."

I agree with Gov. William Donald Schaefer on very little, but I respect him for having had the conviction to support President Bush over his fellow Democrat Bill Clinton.

If that's what Governor Schaefer believes, why did some of his fellow party members want to turn him out to pasture for it?

Are such Democrats so motivated by self-interest that they brook no divergence of opinion? Do the protections our laws provide us in this country apply only so long as we are all slaves to a common philosophy?

It is a heavy price to pay to have to kiss a certain part of the electee's anatomy in order to have him smile upon us favorably once he is entrenched in office. I'd far rather have it said of me (as I hope most other Marylanders are saying of Governor Schaefer) that he stood up for his beliefs even though it might have cost him or the state a few crumbs from the hand of Bill Clinton.

William A. Sorrel


Between Friends

I am appalled at the eager ferocity with which a few local pols and columnists have lashed out against Gov. William Donald Schaefer for his endorsement of President George Bush.

One incredibly naive scribe even declared Mr. Schaefer had abandoned Baltimore and that all the good he had ever done was consumed by his thoughtless endorsement of a Republican president.

I was reminded of those who come to the battlefield long after the battle has been valiantly fought and proceed to shoot the wounded.

Don Schaefer was raised in a different time than many of his critics. He learned to appreciate loyalty and the value of friendship.

Those who have known him over the years know that he is one who cares deeply about people. George Bush has been his friend and has helped Maryland.

I am proud to know Governor Schaefer and to have him for a friend. I admire his courage in standing up for a friend, when he needed help.

It was also nice to see that the Eastern Shore and much of rural Maryland followed the governor's advice. Maybe the healing has begun.

Christopher C. Hartman


College Park Model

The lead article in the Nov. 2 Maryland section of The Sun described possible money-saving changes to the organization of the University of Maryland System. I would like to offer one additional piece of information.

The reporter, Thomas Waldron, writes that "there have been few reorganizations or major cutbacks in academic offerings." However, the University of Maryland at College Park last year undertook and successfully completed a major reorganization of academic programs that resulted in the elimination of six departments and one college.

In fact, College Park has taken the lead among public institutions of higher education across the nation in making program reductions that result in real economies while preserving the excellence of our instructional and research missions.

As the chancellor and the Board of Regents consider possible system-wide reorganization, I hope that they will follow College Park's model by involving faculty, staff and students in the decision-making process.

The university system and the state will be ill-served if hasty budget-driven changes are made, without full consultation, on the "frenetic" (in Thomas Waldron's words) timetable proposed by Chancellor Langenberg.

Hank Dobin

College Park

The writer, an English professor, is chair-elect of the College Park Campus Senate.

Talbot Untruths

Your editorial "Fiscal Madness" contains a paragraph on Talbot County in which you refer to that county as "prosperous, conservative." That is about the only true statement in the editorial.

You state that our "cap has severely impaired public services despite the county's 60 percent piggyback income tax." Totally untrue that services are impaired. They are a hell of a lot better now than those in Baltimore County, from which I have fled. Further, no income has yet been received from the increase in piggy-back revenues.

As far as "sheriff's patrols at night" are concerned, our lack of a crime wave does not necessitate them to the extent of other counties on the western shore.

Totally false that all road paving has been eliminated. Repaving of the main road to Tilghman from Easton has been in progress the past year.

Perhaps before you write such nonsense you should investigate. Your continued espousal of what amounts to socialism is not appreciated.

Caleb R. Kelly Jr.


What's in Name?

Having adopted Baltimore some 36 years ago, I can be as parochial as any native. So the civic sting one might feel at having the new Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area called Washington-Baltimore, and not Baltimore-Washington, smarts a little.

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