Name: Adam Meyerson of Severna ParkHigh School: Junior...


November 09, 1992

Name: Adam Meyerson of Severna Park

High School: Junior, Severna Park

Accomplishments: 3.92 grade-point average. One of 25 winners of the 1991 USA Mathematical Olympiad, student aide at the school's math department. Over the summer, he worked at Goddard Space Center. Started high school-level math in the eighth grade, now in the school's accelerated math program.

Numerous college-level math courses at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Wisconsin and Franklin and Marshall College. For his senior year, Adam plans a home-study program in number theory with his father, a math professor at the Naval Academy. Takes advanced classes in history, French, English, law, computer science, physics, chemistry and calculus.

League high scorer for the math team for the last three years and member of 1992 "It's Academic" team (alternate in 1991). Plays and coaches lacrosse. Brown belt in tae kwan do at the Severna Park YMCA. National Merit semifinalist, Maryland Distinguished Scholar.

Hopes to make the International Math Olympiad this summer. Would like to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Princeton, Stanford, Cornell or Carnegie-Mellon universities.

Comment: "I'm not sure I'm as busy as it sounds. I just manage to find time for everything, because I have a lot of interests. I guess I am talented in math and science, but I don't like it when people focus in on just a few things that I do, because I do have a wide variety of interests."

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