Duffner's inspired idea misfires

November 08, 1992|By Mike Preston

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Maryland coach Mark Duffner brought in an Indian on horseback and broke his spear in mockery of a Florida State pre-game tradition in Wednesday's practice. It was supposed to be inspirational.

It was -- for Florida State.

A tape of the incident was played on all the local stations here Friday night.

"That's all they talked about," said Terps offensive tackle Steve Ingram. "Carl Simpson [defensive end] said, 'This will teach your coach to break a spear.' "

Maryland linebacker Mike Jarmolowich said: "That's all they talked about during the coin toss. I wanted to mount that horse and scalp the Indian.

"I was like, get out of my face. Who are you guys? What was I supposed to say, 'hey, I'm sorry for breaking your spear or whatever the heck it is, and we won't do it again.' "

Maybe it would have helped.

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