Hey, matey, how about this?I'd like our NFL expansion team...


November 08, 1992

Hey, matey, how about this?

I'd like our NFL expansion team to be called the Baltimore Mates. The logo would be an anchor on the helmet and the team colors would be navy blue and white. With Baltimore's tradition of shipping and sailing vessels, plus the Naval Academy at Annapolis, I think the name is appropriate.

Charles Arkins


This fan has the Spirit

Some 4,200 indoor soccer fans had the rare treat of watching a free preseason game of the new Baltimore Spirit last Sunday at the Arena and, believe it or not, it was better than the old Major Soccer League and the Blast.

Most of the players in the National Professional Soccer League are Americans. The Spirit features Tim Wittman, Cris Vaccaro and a few other Baltimoreans, plus Kenny Cooper as coach, but the rules have been changed to make the game higher scoring -- evidenced by the Spirit's 21-7 victory over Harrisburg.

Leaving the game, I saw former Blast goalie Keith Van Eron, who said, "If I ever gave up 21 goals in one game, I'd have trouble sleeping. Isn't this game with its new rules exciting!" Not even hockey has the frequency or variance of scoring possibilities as the NPSL.

Cooper and the Spirit players formed a double line to welcome Baltimore fans coming to the game and met on the field afterward to begin forming fan-player relationships, a nice public relations move. Best of luck to the new sports entry and I am hooked!

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

'Hunting' story missed target

The word "moose" caught my eye in the headline above Peter Baker's article on Oct. 25, so I read it. I have reread it many times and am still asking myself "why was it written, let alone printed in your paper?" He relates the "exhilarating experience" of 18-year-old Amy Cleaver, who got out of her car in Maine and shot a moose standing by the side of the road.

Amy says, "I really liked it." Was what she liked supposed to be hunting? Shooting an animal standing beside the road? Is this a sport? Or is it just murder by permit? And Amy calls the moose stupid.

Ginna Naylor


Short list of game shorteners

It's a fact that football and baseball games are too long. Here are some ways to make the games shorter.

In baseball:

* Stop the batter from stepping out of the box after every pitch.

* When an intentional walk is given, just tell the batter to take first base instead of throwing four pitches.

* When changing pitchers, the pitcher coming in has already warmed up in the bullpen, so don't allow him more warmups when he reaches the mound.

In football:

* The clock should not stop on a change of possession.

L * The clock should not stop after a field goal or touchdown.

Football is a game that should continue to have the clock run even when walking off penalties or moving the first-down marker. But then we wouldn't get the TV commercials in, would we?

Bob Crooks


Dear Jon: Quit the clowning

For Jon Miller, local broadcaster and babbling clown, the idol in his life has to be Dom Deluise. If sports fans wanted to listen to a comedian, they'd go to a comedy club.

I'd rather listen to professional announcers such as Mel Proctor, Al Michaels or Jim Palmer do a game. They're knowledgeable, professional and to the point. Hearing Miller really made me appreciate a consummate pro such as Chuck Thompson.

I'd also like to comment about Channel 13's John Buren, who ought to check into Memphis television to see if there are any openings. That way he could work closer to where his idol lived in Graceland. Maybe the opening to his sports should be the "Geek of the Week" showing Buren doing sports. Thankfully, we have excellent alternatives such as Scott Garceau, Keith Mills or Gerry Sandusky.

Bruce Anoff

Owings Mills

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