Roemer, Dorsey hit duckpin jackpot


November 08, 1992|By DON VITEK

Craig Roemer and Howard Dorsey both threw 400-plus series, and with handicap their total pin fall was 929, to win $500 for first place in the house doubles tournament for league bowlers at Greenway Glen Burnie on Oct. 24-25.

Roemer, a Glen Burnie resident, has been bowling for "about 22 years" and carries a 135 average in two leagues, the Monday Doubles at Greenway Glen Burnie and a Friday night league at Fair Lanes Westview. He has a high game of 223 and a high set of 528.

"My partner, Howard, was absolutely pumped up for this one," Roemer said. "He was sure we were going to win from the moment he walked in to the center."

Dorsey, also lives in Glen Burnie, and does all his bowling at Greenway Glen Burnie, Saturday in the Weekenders league and the Monday Doubles. He started bowling seven years ago.

Dorsey carries a 125 average with a high game of 204 and a high set of 502.

Robert Laney and Chuck Fisher teamed up to finish second with 908. John Saracino and Mike Smith came in third with 885.

Laney started throwing a duckpin ball when he so young that he had to use two hands. He carries a 122 average with a high game of 199 and a 494 series.

That 122 average was a lot higher a few years ago when Laney was bowling five nights a week; now it's just a single league, the Thursday Mixed.

Fisher has cut back on his bowling, too. When he bowled in four or five leagues a week, he averaged 135; bowling in just one league now, the Thursday Quads at Greenway Glen Burnie, he averages 127. His career high game and set are 210 and 517, respectively.

High scores for king pins

The King Pin League at Severna Park Lanes posted some nice scores in October.

L Julie VanKirk shot a 211 game, 81 pins over her average. Beu

Chase had a 204 game and a 560 set. Karen Franklin had a 213 game as a base for her 613 series, and Carol Hartman had a 208 game and a 543 set.

Barb Burns shot a 208 game and a 558 set, and Ernie Barnes fired a 202 game. Larry Hartman's series was 603, and Ken Hurst had a 202 game.

And the subs were bowling pretty well. Ernie Barnes had a 201 game and Bernie Sappe topped it with a 202.

Tournament news

The National Amateur Bowlers Inc. tournament will move to Fair Lanes Annapolis on Nov. 14-15. First place has a guaranteed prize of $1,000. Information: (410) 266-0700.

The NABI Thanksgiving Open will be at Crofton Bowling Centre Nov. 26-29. The first-place prize is $3,000. Information: (410) 721-2401.

Teen shoots 727 series

Tony Tully, bowling in the Greenway Bowl Odenton Young America Bowling Alliance Saturday morning league, shot his second sanctioned 700 series. Tony, 16, a junior at Glen Burnie High, threw games of 226, 245 and 256 for a 727 series.

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