* Name: Marion Garrison, 68, of Clarksville. Formerly of...

Neighbors Helping

November 08, 1992

* Name: Marion Garrison, 68, of Clarksville. Formerly of Haddonfield, N.J.

* Activities/Hobbies: Mrs. Garrison enjoys drama and going to plays, volunteering at Clarksville Elementary and Middle Schools, traveling and church activities.

* Organization's Comments: Mrs. Garrison is known at the schools as Mrs. G. She was a teacher's secretary at Clarksville Elementary School for 25 years.

Mrs. Garrison works in the classroom volunteering at Clarksville Elementary School and works in the guidance office and with special education students at Clarksville Middle School.

"She has been an outstanding volunteer and friend to all of us at Clarksville Middle School," said Arlene Katz, guidance counselor

the middle school. "When she begins a task she will not leave the building until she is done. She has the gift of making people feel special and her sense of humor is contagious."

* Volunteer's Comments: "I enjoy working with children and making a contribution to the community. I just enjoy being with kids, and I know the schools need it," said Mrs. Garrison.

* About Mrs. Garrison: Mrs. Garrison has lived in Clarksville since 1958. She has a son, Craig. Her daughter, Gail, died last year. She has two granddaughters.

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