The name of the Volunteer of the Week in Sunday's Carroll...


November 08, 1992

The name of the Volunteer of the Week in Sunday's Carroll edition was incorrectly reported. Her name is Margaret Price.

The Sun regrets the errors.

HELEN PRICE of Westminster volunteers at two places, the Carroll County Library and the Historical Society of Carroll County. But her purpose is the same -- to help people trace their family histories using the resources at both locations. She works with residents as well as with people who live elsewhere but come here to do genealogical research.

Organization's comments: "I can't begin to describe how important she is," said Janet Colburn, adult services specialist at the Carroll County Library.


"She was instrumental in founding the genealogy service at the library. The room we have for the genealogy section was originally intended just to be local history. But it was her idea to add genealogy to it. She's been a mainstay of the program ever since. She's our most knowledgeable genealogist."

Volunteer's comments: "There are lots of people who trace their ancestry back to Carroll County," Mrs. Price said. "And particularly when people come from far away, their time is limited. We try to give them as much assistance as we can as quickly as possible.

"And if local people are interested in tracing their families here or any place in the country or even overseas, we have ways of helping them, too.

"We try to have a good working relationship between the library and the historical society. By volunteering one day a week at both, I can serve as a liaison between the two.

"Helping people is a lot of fun. People are so happy when they find information about their families."

Background: Mrs. Price came to Carroll County from her home in Colorado in 1954 when her husband, Ralph B. Price, was appointed chairman of the economics department of Western Maryland College. She taught history in the Carroll County schools for 21 years before retiring in 1978. Her interest in genealogy began many years ago, when she inherited a beaded purse made by her great-great-grandmother. She decided to donate it to the Colorado State Historical Society, but felt she should document its history. That research led to her interest in genealogy.

In addition to her volunteer work, Mrs. Price likes reading, photography and travel. The Prices have a daughter, Pamela, who lives in Norway, and they visit her there frequently.

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