Years Ago:* The Westminster Boy Scouts will end its drive...


November 08, 1992|By CompiLed from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

Years Ago:

* The Westminster Boy Scouts will end its drive for coat hangers this week. The Scouts have done well, but are appealing to our rural citizens to look through their clothes closets and collect all coat hangers and bring them to the office of the Rationing Board.

Democratic Advocate, Oct. 16, 1942.

75 Years Ago:

* Blue Ridge College -- Our dormitory girls have entered upon a "quarter" campaign to raise money for the purpose of buying a Victrola for the parlor. We feel that a Victrola will afford the students much pleasure at such times when the weather will not permit recreation out of doors. Anyone desiring to help in this cause, can do his "bit" by sending a contribution to Miss Frances Mount. Union Bridge Pilot, Oct. 12, 1917.

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