Tuning In

November 08, 1992|By Leslie Cauley

"Wayne's World" wannabes aside, not all programs on public-access television are geared for people with a bent sense humor.

Public-access channels are crammed with shows on health care, local government and advice -- on finances, insurance, you name it -- with lots of general-interest talk shows sandwiched between. Shows are diverse, reflecting the wide interests of people who live in the counties where public-access programming is available.

Take Howard County. The current lineup on Channel 6 includes old favorites like "Speakeasy," a show on public speaking sponsored by a local Toastmaster's group. Other Howard offerings: "Backbone," a program about chiropractic practices, shows up twice a week, as does "Family Tree," a program presented by the Howard County Genealogical Society to teach viewers how to trace their family history.

Carroll County's Channel 19 has "All About Computers." As the name implies, it's all about computer hardware and software. There's also a weekly program that features Carroll countians demonstrating the latest in aerobics, and a show on what's new at the county commission.

Talk shows are a favorite on Channel 15 in Anne Arundel County, which carries no less than a half-dozen. The subjects are varied, including city government, current events, sports, finance and minority issues.

Don't find anything here that appeals to you?

Don't fret. The beauty of public access is that shows are constantly changing; new programs are always in development. So if you don't like the offerings now, check back later. And


Anne Arundel's Channel 15 plans to debut "Gospel Annapolis Style," a show that will feature gospel groups around Annapolis, and "Tactful Sailing," all about the "lighter" (read: what can go wrong) side of Annapolis' favorite pastime. Both programs are expected to start running later this year.

Howard County also has at least two new shows in the works. One's on the time-honored craft of woodworking. The other, called "Travel Adventures," is billed as a program highlighting fun places to visit around Howard County. In true public-access style, "Travel Adventures" features Thailand -- yes, Thailand -- as

its first destination. Go figure that one out.

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