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November 08, 1992


Editor: I was pleasantly surprised by the positive portrayal of David Drake. ["A One-Man Sensation, Sept. 13]. The Gay-Lesbian community in metro Baltimore will no doubt enjoy a continuing format of positive reporting by this magazine. Again, ZTC congratulations to the Sun Magazine.

Dr. Thomas H. Kiefer



Editor: I'm writing in reference to the article "Shore Shots" in the Aug. 23 issue. I believe it is in poor taste to show a hog or any other animal being slaughtered. Also, do taxpayers have to supply a few hunters with paved trails to hunt deer or any other animals? How far do we have to go to please a few?

Wm. Daywalt

Mount Airy


Editor: I want you to know how pleased I am with the Sun Magazine. The articles by Mike Klingaman and Dave Barry, being light and amusing, are such a relief from the horrors of the front page.

I am glad you kept "Way Back When"; I enjoy the old snapshots very much. The "Postmark" articles are a joy to read. I am extremely pleased with the crossword puzzles that a non-genius like me can almost complete.

B6 Thank you for the changes. Continue the good work.

Marie E. Cardell


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