Ex-wife charged in knife assault in Union Bridge Former husband under indictment on rape charge

November 06, 1992|By Darren M. Allen | Darren M. Allen,Staff Writer

A Union Bridge woman was charged with assault after she approached her ex-husband with a kitchen knife as a state trooper was questioning him for rape.

The 28-year-old woman, who had accused her ex-husband of raping her, was arrested on Tuesday after the state's attorney's office decided to press charges against her. In addition to assault, she is charged with reckless endangerment and with intent to injure another person with a deadly weapon.

She was released on $2,000 bond after her parents posted their home as security.

Her ex-husband -- whose name is not being used to shield the woman's identity -- was charged Oct. 11 with first-degree rape.

A Carroll County grand jury returned a three-count indictment against him yesterday, charging him with first-degree rape, second-degree rape and battery. He is being held at the Carroll County Detention Center on $50,000 bail pending trial.

According to police accounts filed in District Court records, the 30-year-old man entered his ex-wife's house on Oct. 11, proclaiming that he loved her. Court records show that he pushed her against her bed, pinned her down, stuck his fingers down her throat and raped her.

He then left the home, and the woman called state police. When a trooper arrived at the home, the man was in the back yard with the woman's father.

As the trooper began interviewing the man, the woman walked toward them, shouting, "Did you tell him? Did you tell him what you did to me?" the trooper wrote in his report.

The trooper was leading the man toward his cruiser when he "observed her to be approaching us with a large knife held above her head," court records say. "The suspect then ran around the corner of the house. I then drew my service weapon to protect myself, and the rape victim was running directly at me and got within 12 feet."

The woman dropped the knife after her father grabbed her from behind.

The trooper didn't press charges at the time. However, he "contacted the state's attorney's office, and they recommended she be charged," court records say.

She was served with the arrest warrant on Tuesday at the state police barracks.

The charges against the woman, which could put her in prison for 30 years, are troubling to an official at Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County.

"This sends a very sad message," said Diana Steppling, the center's community educator.

"Obviously, this is somebody who's acted irrationally to an irrational act done to her. People already wonder if it's worth [while] to come forward, and they sometimes feel that it is the victim who goes on trial. Now, it's actually happened."

State's Attorney Thomas E. Hickman referred comments to Assistant State's Attorney Kathi Hill, who prosecutes sex crimes. She could not be reached for comment.

The man will have an initial appearance in Circuit Court Dec. 8 on his rape charges. A trial date for the woman has not been set.

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