Man on trial in mall slaying was drunk that day, jury told

November 06, 1992|By William Thompson | William Thompson,Staff Writer

DENTON -- The man on trial for killing a college freshman last year at the Salisbury Mall told police he was at the mall the night of the murder but was "fuzzy" about details because he had been drinking.

David Anthony Boyd, 34, said he had been trying to pick up

women at the shopping complex the evening of Sept. 9, 1991, but left on his bicycle and passed out in a nearby park, Salisbury Police Detective Richard E. Blevins testified yesterday.

Boyd is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Heather Miller, 17, a Salisbury State University student from outside Pittsburgh. The trial was moved to Caroline County from Wicomico County because of the publicity the case generated in Salisbury.

Prosecutors have tried to prove that a shoe belonging to Boyd left the bloody print found outside a women's restroom where Miss Miller was fatally stabbed.

He was arrested four days later after police received a tip that he resembled a composite sketch of a suspect seen at the mall the night of the slaying.

Detective Blevins said that during an interview with Boyd at his boarding house in Salisbury, the suspect could recollect little HTC about the evening of the murder.

"Things were real fuzzy that night," the officer said Boyd told him. "He said, 'I couldn't kill anyone, could I?' "

Under cross-examination by Boyd's public defender, Detective Blevins acknowledged that police were under pressure to arrest a suspect in the highly publicized case.

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