Columbia Council supports road plan

November 06, 1992|By Mark Guidera | Mark Guidera,Staff Writer

The Columbia Council voted last night to support a County Council member's controversial proposal for construction of a connector road between the village of River Hill and Route 32.

County Council Chairman Paul Farragut's proposal would require amending the county's General Plan.

The council's support was sought by the River Hill village board.

The Columbia Council will send a letter to the County Council affirming its support for the proposal.

Mr. Farragut has introduced a bill that mandates a new road, running east to west, to be built for traffic from a River Hill subdivision east of Trotter Road.

The new road, to be called Summer Sunrise Drive, would cross Trotter and continue west to a planned road scheduled to run parallel to Trotter.

The General Plan calls for Trotter Road, a winding scenic road that runs north-south between Routes 108 and 32, to dead-end just before Route 32. Longtime residents of Trotter Road want the road to dead-end to prevent cut-through traffic between Routes 32 and 108. They argue that with River Hill's growth and the growing traffic problem on Route 32, cut-through traffic will increase, endangering their safety.

Residents of River Hill, Columbia's newest village, have lobbied for an alternative to dead-ending Trotter Road. They argue that closing the road would result in River Hill residents, who use Route 32 to get to work, having to first drive north on Trotter to get to Route 108 and then south on Route 108 to where it intersects with Route 32 in Clarksville.

They are also concerned that closing the road may result in children who now attend Pointers Run Elementary, off Route 32, being reassigned to Clarksville Elementary.

That school is on Route 108. The county Board of Education has a policy of not transporting students past one elementary school to attend another. Motorists could get onto Route 32 from River Hill Road.

Mr. Farragut has also introduced a bill that calls for Trotter Road to be closed just north of Route 32.

The councilman has said he proposed the two options so that the council could hear arguments on both from concerned residents.

The county Planning Board will consider Mr. Farragut's bills Monday night. The County Council has scheduled a public hearing on the bill for Nov. 16.

In other action, the Columbia Council voted unanimously to approve the appointment of Suzanne Waller as the Town Center representative on the council. She replaces Joseph Merke, who resigned last month because of conflict-of-interest questions.

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