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Maryland becomes the main course for the Seminoles' homecoming feast

Phil Jackman

November 05, 1992|By Phil Jackman

* It looks bad for an already-approved $1.5 million Silver Spring-to-downtown D.C. bike trail now that the Citizens Against Government Waste folks have honed in on the project. "While we have nothing against cyclists and bike trails," said a CAGW spokesman, "the question is, why should taxpayers across the country pay for a bike trail in Washington?"

* NPSL rules say a goalie can throw a ball over three lines legally, so look for netminders in the league to come up with as many as a half-dozen goals this year. The Spirit would seem to be all set in this department since Cris Vaccaro is the all-time scoring leader among MSL goalies with eight goals and 64 assists in 12 seasons.

* The Wrestling Independent Network show at Martin's North Point Nov. 15 (7 p.m.) benefiting the Ronald McDonald House will feature Ivan Koloff taking on Lucifer, "Knight of the Road," and the team of A.C. Golden and Nikolai Volkoff trading dirty tricks with Don Muraco and Axl Rotten. Ringside is $12, general admission $8.

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