GOVERNOR Clinton's sweeping victory in the presidential...


November 05, 1992

GOVERNOR Clinton's sweeping victory in the presidential election has prompted much talk of the generational change he represents in American politics. A baby boomer we know was driving along, basking in lofty thoughts about a new generation -- the generation she had always considered the "younger generation" -- coming into its own, when a caller to a radio talk show suddenly put a new slant on the era ushered in on Tuesday.

The caller, who identified himself as a college student, noted that he certainly agreed with the talk of a generational change. As he saw it, the Clinton win represented the take-over of the White House -- by his parents, from his grandparents.

Youth, our baby boomer realized, is a matter of perspective.

* * *

FROM the Election Day horoscope for Bill Clinton, whose Aug. 19 birthday makes him a Leo:

"Allow for some time to relax; you have a big plan taking shape in the back of your mind." -- Joyce Jillson in The Evening Sun.

Ms. Jillson's horoscope for yesterday included this intriguing comment under the Leo sign: New assignments from boss involve bailing others out of hot water." Hmmm.

* * *

FROM The-Polls-Aren't-Always-Wrong Department:

On Election Day, The HOTLINE, a daily report of political news, views and trends, included the following comment:

"How much of an upset would a Bush win be? Since July 16th, the day Perot pulled out and Clinton accepted the Dem nomination, The HOTLINE has reported 196 national polls. The president has not led in any of them."

* * *

ONE heartening aspect of the election returns was the conciliatory tone of speeches from both winners and losers in the presidential race.

Vice President Quayle, who became virtually invisible toward the end of the campaign, took the opportunity to pay tribute to the professionalism of the Clinton campaign.

"If he runs the country as well as he ran his campaign, we'll be all right," the soon-to-be-former vice president said of the president-elect.

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