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November 05, 1992

Futuristic mock election woos pupils at Chesapeake

Youngsters at Chesapeake Academy learned about the election process this week, including the feeling of being wooed by the candidate.

Students at the Severn facility visited the "polling place of the future" as they participated in a computerized mock election.

Seventy-one ballots were cast for President Bush, 37 for Ross Perot and 27 for Bill Clinton.

Voting followed two weeks of campaigning and debating by candidates chosen from grades 3, 4 and 5, who represented Mr. Bush, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Perot. Each class did extensive research on their candidate and supported their favorite.

The "candidates" gave speeches and answered questions from all classes.

"The student who played Perot looked just like him; he wore the glasses and the whole thing," said Cheryl Schmidt, director of admissions and development. "We thought it was going to be a popularity contest, but in the end, the students said they voted on the issues."

Three computers were set up in the school's library, and each child voted electronically for the candidate of choice after typing in their name and password. The computer tabulated the votes and gave the results.


* Millersville: Someone broke into the offices of Baltimore Refrigeration Supply Co. in the 8200 block of Cloverleaf Drive on Monday and stole $528 from a drawer.

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