Choosing simple styles that stand the test of time


November 05, 1992|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Staff Writer

As style setters go, Gigi Moore is hardly the norm.

She considers dressing one of life's drearier chores, doesn't know Giorgio Armani from Jean Paul Gaultier and wears (egads!) men's shoes. For her, simple, comfortable clothes say it best.

But whether she's doing free-lance graphic work from her Seton Hill home or working as the assistant curator for City Hall, Ms. Moore, 28, has one thing going for her: an artist's eye. With that and the J. Crew catalog, how can she go wrong?

How would you describe your clothes?

I wear very simple stuff -- a lot of solids and muted colors. Mostly tunic-type tops, some jackets. I like jumpers out of the Tweeds catalog. Idon't like to fuss over my clothes, and I don't wear makeup. Part of the reason is I'm too lazy. But I also don't like routines. I'll get up every day and get dressed a different way. I'll put things on in a strange order.

I don't really consider myself a fashion statement. I'd rather be less noticed than noticed.


I never wanted to be the center of attention. I'm driven by that when I go shopping. I choose off colors -- mustard, burgundy, blues. And I have black everything -- all my shoes are black. I have loads of black pants.

Are you influenced by trends in fashion magazines?

I get Elle, but the fashions are so outrageous. I've been wearing wide-legged pants for about 10 years. They haven't always been in style, but they've always been comfortable. I don't tend to be trendy. I never really feel hip. I go for comfort.

I think I'm more influenced by men's clothing. I watch men more than women. My style of dress is masculine. When I was a child, I wore uniforms. That was really easy. After that, I was a tomboy. I wore jeans all the time. When I got older and bought my own clothes, it became less expensive to wear men's styles. They stayed around longer. Women's styles were always changing.

With the menswear influence so popular, are other women catching on to your secret?

That look is too extreme for me. I won't buy a suit. I think that's a trend that will be gone next fall. I will take bits and pieces of it -- maybe a pair of tailored trousers or a tie.

How do you select what you'll wear each day?

I dread waking up in the morning and putting things together. I lay in bed for half an hour thinking about what I'm going to put on. I guess I could remedy that by picking things out at night, but I'm not that organized. I wear what my mood drives me to wear.

What do you wear when you're in a funk?

My black Levis, a white T-shirt and a pair of men's shoes. If it's cool, I'll wear a sweater on top. I'll wear that at least once a week to work.

Why do you shop catalogs?

I just don't like shopping. It has never been a favorite thing. When I was younger, my mother would take me shopping and buy me what she wanted me to wear. It was always too feminine. It had a lace color or something.

Tweeds is my favorite catalog. I like J. Crew, but I find their stuff to be a little too preppy.

Anything you wouldn't be caught dead in today?

Lycra -- unless it's under my clothes. I don't feel comfortable showing every inch of my body. I like things that are flowing and graceful.

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