In this league, the score adds up fast Shots are worth 1, 2 or 3 points

November 04, 1992|By Doug Brown | Doug Brown,Staff Writer

Forget everything you knew about scoring in indoor soccer. In all those years the Blast played in the Major Soccer League, it was a goal.

Now it's a point.

Now it's the Spirit.

Now it's the National Professional Soccer League.

As a rule, more than 20 points are scored in an NPSL game. There are one-point goals, two-point goals and three-point goals. Here's how a team scores points:

* ONE-POINT GOAL: A team can score one point on a power-play goal or a shootout goal. A shootout occurs after a time penalty and offers the offended player the chance to face the goalie one-on-one for 5 seconds.

* TWO-POINT GOAL: A goal scored from inside the yellow line, which is 50 feet from the end line, and isn't on a power play or a shootout is worth two points.

* THREE-POINT GOAL: This is the long goal fans love to see. It is an even-up goal kicked from anywhere inside the area between the yellow line and the center (midfield) line, which, at the Baltimore Arena, is 91 feet from the end of the field.

"People in this country want to see more goals, so this scoring system is the way to go," said Spirit coach Kenny Cooper. "It'll take fans only a game or two to get used to it. I haven't heard any negatives from players or other coaches. More scoring can help the game reach the next level -- getting our games on TV."

When a ball went out of bounds in the MSL, the re-start was where the ball left the field. In the NPSL, it's where the ball last touched a player. That's often in a congested and dangerous area, which can make such situations interesting in the late stages of a game when a team intentionally kicks the ball out of play to relieve pressure from the opponent.

Goal cages are 8 feet high and 14 feet wide, compared to the MSL's 7 1/2 by 14. Those 6 inches, said Cooper, make a "huge" difference.

"A goalie is especially aware of it," Cooper said. "Standing there alone, he realizes any shots high or in the corners will be that much more difficult to reach. The extra 6 inches also creates more scoring opportunities."

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