Top image-maker for Clinton hopes to get the boot

November 04, 1992

The man who steered Bill Clinton's winning political strategy says he hopes the president-elect tells him to "get out of here" now that the race is over.

James Carville, Mr. Clinton's top image-maker, says he has no interest in working for a Clinton administration.

"I wouldn't live in a country whose government would hire me," he declared to reporters the day before the voting.

"I've had two experiences with the government. One was with the Marine Corps, and the other is April 15th [tax-filing day]. I don't need a third," Mr. Carville said.

The native Louisianan actually has little need of a government job now that he's one of the country's hottest campaign consultants in the wake of Mr. Clinton's win over a once immensely popular incumbent president.

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