Legislators to present income tax bill

November 04, 1992

In addition to bills on marriage licenses, jury trials and ethics, the Howard County legislative delegation will present 16 others to the public tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. in the Banneker Room of the county office building.

They include:

* A county income tax bill that would allow citizens to vote on -- and the county executive to veto -- an increase in the piggyback tax by the County Council.

The piggyback is a county income tax that equals 50 percent of a person's state income tax.

* A Howard County Community College bill that authorizes the school to establish procedures for awarding contracts through sealed bids.

* A property tax bill that would provide tax credits to owners of certain properties leased by non-profit organizations.

* Another property tax bill that would grant tax credits to propertyowners who reduce or eliminate certain forms of pollution.

* A dog license bill that would exempt Howard County from the July 1 expiration date for annual dog licenses.

* A food establishment license fees bill that would exempt Howard County from limiting certain license fees to $1.

* An alcoholic beverages bill that would create a liquor board separate from the County Council. Council members currently serve as members of the liquor board.

* A sheriff's fees bill that would allow the sheriff to keep a certain percentage of his fee even if he is unable to serve papers.

* An economic development authority bill that would create such an agency in the county.

* A county agricultural center bill that authorizes as much as $1 million to design, plan and build such a center.

* A historic preservation bill that would authorize up to $70,000 to restore Carroll Baldwin Hall.

* A Howard County Halfway House bill that would provide up to $250,000 for a facility for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts on the grounds of the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center in Jessup.

* A cemetery protection bill that would protect most cemeteries from development.

* A residential lease restrictions bill that would prevent people from using certain provisions in leases to prohibit family day care homes.

* A discrimination laws bill that would allow people subject to discrimination prohibited by the Howard County Code to bring civil suits in Circuit Court.

* A public libraries bill that authorizes the board of library trustees to charge fees for video cassette rentals.

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