Election Day is your day

November 03, 1992

Today belongs to the voters of Carroll County. All the campaigning, electioneering, propagandizing and spin-doctoring comes to an end, and the 70,000 registered voters in Carroll County will make their views known on a variety of issues. This is the one day of the election year when the citizens have the real power. And everyone should take advantage of it.

Even though there has been an upsurge in the number of democratic countries around the world, few match the freedom and vigor of ours. Part of the reason is that people in the United States have power. Voters can determine who governs at every level of government -- from the president to the local school board. The direction of our country, our state and our county is in our hands.

People often complain about government, and then don't bother to cast a ballot. Voter participation across the nation and in PTC Maryland has been falling. Carroll County is a bright exception. People understand that one of the duties of a citizen in a democratic country is to vote. Last presidential election, 82 percent of the eligible Carroll voters cast ballots. Given the interest in this year's presidential race, we have every reason to believe county voters will match or exceed that performance.

While the presidential race attracted the most attention, Carroll voters should not neglect other important races and ballot questions. They have the opportunity to elect a new congressman, vote to accept or reject a proposed charter that would change the face of county governance and decide whether an incumbent school board member should keep her seat. Also on the ballot are several statewide issues ranging from reducing civil jury size to ratifying a law insuring Maryland women can have abortions if they so desire. All of the questions are important. Voters should vote on every one.

Make the time to go to the polls. Employers should give their employees time off to vote.

Calvin Coolidge, who may have been a mediocre president, was right on one point when he spoke about the importance of voting. "The whole system of American government rests on the ballot box. Unless the citizens do their duties there, such a system of government is doomed to failure."

Cast your ballot and make your views known. Don't let your day of power pass.

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