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November 03, 1992

Aside from the presidential race and state ballot questions, the scant number of races and ballot questions up for grabs in Howard County offers, at least, an opportunity for clear reflection on today's ballot.

The 6th District Congressional race is being waged in six counties, including parts of Columbia and western Howard County. It has been a snarling, ugly affair. Democrat Thomas Hattery and Republican Roscoe Bartlett have waged back-biting campaigns that have smothered constructive debate. That said, Mr. Hattery, a nine-year veteran of the House of Delegates, deserves your vote because of his pragmatism and grasp of the issues.

In the 3rd Congressional District, which includes eastern Howard County, we endorse Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin for a fourth term in Congress over Republican William T. S. Bricker.

Howard voters also must fill two seats on the county Board of Education, from a choice of four candidates. Our endorsement goes to Delroy Cornick, a retired professor of management at Morgan State University, and Linda L. Johnston, a health education professor at Howard Community College.

Both would bring valuable experience to the board; Mr. Cornick in the area of management and budget, Mrs. Johnston in health. The pair seems well-suited to help the school board balance restricted funding and a growing student body, while maintaining the quality schooling that has become a hallmark of Howard County.

On the three ballot questions facing county residents, we suggest voting AGAINST Question C, a charter amendment that would limit council members to three terms. Such a restriction is unnecessary. Voters already hold the power to limit terms -- by voting out unproductive incumbents when there is a council election. Sponsored by Republican council member Darrel Drown, the term limitation might accomplish his ends by unlocking Democratic control of the legislative body, but would do little for voters besides taking choices out of their hands.

Two other ballot questions would allow county officials to establish a rainy-day fund in the operating budget and restrict the use of surplus funds. We suggest votes FOR Questions A and B. They would help cushion the county against inevitable cuts in state aid in coming years.

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