Opening delayed a week at shelter for homeless GLEN BURNIE

November 03, 1992

A shelter for homeless men that moves among churches during the coldest part of the winter will start one week later than planned.

"A couple of churches that were interested in the early weeks couldn't get it to start," said Phil Bailey, one of the coordinators of the all-volunteer "Winter Relief for the Homeless."

The shelter will start Nov. 30 instead of Nov. 23 and run through mid-March, housing up to 12 men from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and giving them dinner and breakfast. Most of the churches involved will house the men for a week, though a few churches are providing shelter for two weeks.

"You are going to find hundreds of people in Glen Burnie involved," Mr. Bailey said.

A two-hour training session for volunteers planned for last night was to be videotaped for future training sessions. At least one more session is planned for next month.

About 14 churches are involved in providing shelter, and more will provide volunteers. The idea for the revolving shelter originated with a small group that grew out of the Glen Burnie Ministerium, a coalition of about two dozen area churches. Organizers said the temporary shelter is a workable alternative to a permanent shelter, which might face community opposition and would need a permanent staff.

The northern part of the county has no homeless shelter. Last winter, homeless people shivered under viaducts along Route 100, slept in cars parked in lots off Ritchie Highway and made their way to boarded-up buildings, organizers said.

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