Perot, abortion rights win in Carroll mock vote CARROLL COUNTY


November 03, 1992

WESTMINSTER -- Before voters started going to the polls in Carroll County today, their sons and daughters may have provided a peek at who could win.

Ross Perot won the majority of votes in mock elections held in county high schools and middle schools. Mr. Perot won 37.9 percent; George Bush won 35.8 percent; and Bill Clinton trailed with 26.2 percent.

Question 6, a referendum on preserving abortion rights under state law, won with 52.7 percent of the vote.

School officials used to say that as the school election goes, so goes the county. But this year they are skeptical about whether the litmus test will remain valid.

"I think a lot of it has to do with their seeking independence," said Donald Vetter, supervisor of social studies for the schools.

Mr. Perot was a particular favorite in the middle schools: He swept them all except two in Westminster, where Mr. Bush reigned.

"I suspect they're hearing a lot of negative comments about Bush and Clinton, and what's the alternative?" Mr. Vetter said. "There's a man [Mr. Perot] who's independent and has a different approach."

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