1 down, 2 down, 3 down

November 02, 1992

The Atlanta Falcons' Chris Miller, the Houston Oilers' Warren Moon and the Buffalo Bills' Thurman Thomas were knocked out of their games yesterday.

Miller, Atlanta's starting quarterback, may be out for four to six weeks after injuring his left knee in the third quarter.

The club announced more than an hour after the game that Miller will have an arthroscopic examination today and that the first diagnosis indicates a torn cartilage and deep bone bruise. Miller was attempting to scramble out of trouble. He had run for about 10 yards when he planted his left foot to cut back right. The knee buckled and he went down.

Oilers quarterback Moon suffered a concussion when he was driven into the turf by the Pittsburgh Steelers' Rod Woodson early in the third quarter.

"I got him under the chin and [again] when he landed," Woodson said. "That's the price you pay when you play on artificial turf. That turf's awfully hard."

"I don't remember being hit," Moon said. "I don't remember much. I don't remember walking off the field or anything."

Bills running back Thomas left the game against the New England Patriots after suffering an elbow injury that made it difficult for him to cradle the ball.

Thomas started Buffalo's first series in the second half, but was wearing a hockey-style elbow pad similar to the one Bills quarterback Jim Kelly wears, but left the game shortly thereafter.

Coach Marv Levy said after the game that Thomas had "an extremely sore elbow," but that it was X-rayed and "it's OK."

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