Local ballot questions

November 02, 1992

Here's a summary of the ballot questions voters can expect to see tomorrow in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County.

Among the eight city ballot questions are Question A, $12 million for community development; Question B, $1.5 million to improve community buildings; Question C, $12.5 million for economic development projects; Question D, $1.5 million for asbestos removal at city-owned properties; Question E, $3.5 million for a major renovation of exhibit pools at the National Aquarium; Question F, to finance a $500,000 city match toward renovations at three city swimming pools; Question G, a $12 million school bond issue for building renovations, asbestos removal and equipment purchases; and Question H, to amend the City Charter so civil service employees could be removed only for cause.

We call on city residents to vote FOR each of these questions.

Baltimore County's 11 ballot questions include Question A, a $46.1 million school bond issue for construction and maintenance and the purchase of property for future school construction; Question B, $11 million to build and maintain refuse disposal facilities; Question C, $3.3 million for construction and maintenance at the county's three community colleges; Question D, $47.4 million for work on storm drains, roads and bridges; Question E, $3 million to develop and preserve parks and greenways; Question F, $600,000 to develop affordable housing for the elderly and low- to moderate-income county residents; Question G, $660,000 to purchase easements for agricultural preservation; Question H, $1.7 million to spruce up commercial districts and town centers; Question I, $3.2 million for restoration of county shorelines, stream banks, wetlands and tidal waterways; and Question J, $1 million to improve buildings and grounds at the county's 25 library branches.

County citizens should vote FOR each of these ballot questions. However, we urge a vote AGAINST Question K, a charter amendment to allow each County Council member to appoint one person to the Planning Board.

In Harford County, residents should vote FOR both Question A, which would authorize unequal installment payments to purchase farm land preservation easements, and Question B, which would allow the County Council to set the dollar level above which county purchases and contracts would have to go to competitive bid, eliminating the current $3,000 ceiling.

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