Residents help raise funds for cancer center COUNTYWIDE

November 02, 1992|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

After losing members, friends and family to cancer, two related organizations pooled their efforts to raise $25,000 for a cold laboratory at the University of Maryland Cancer Center in Baltimore.

The Knights of Pythias and its sister organization, Pythian Sisters, raised the money through the 2,100 members from chapters throughout the state.

Carroll County played a key role this year. Four of the leaders in the statewide campaign are members of the Westminster lodge and temple.

In the past, the men's and women's groups would raise money separately for projects.

"This is the first year we've ever had a joint fund-raising campaign," said Gertrude Robertson of New Windsor, outgoing grand chief of the Pythian Sisters of Maryland.

Her husband, Halbert, is outgoing grand chancellor of the Knights of Pythias of Maryland. This year also is the first time a husband and wife have held the leadership posts of both organizations, she said.

The Westminster lodge and temple of the two groups held a dinner-dance yesterday at the Westminster Fire Hall to honor the Robertsons as they end their terms.

Members also presented the $25,000 check yesterday to Dr. Anne Hamburger, a chief researcher at the cancer center.

The money will be used to replace broken-down equipment for a "cold room," a laboratory that must be kept cold for certain experiments and procedures.

"It's really hard to get money for big pieces of equipment these days," Dr. Hamburger said. "This is really a blessing."

Ellwood Long and Betty Slorp of Westminster co-chaired the campaign.

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