Wisner's 220 duckpin score is women's record at Hampstead


November 01, 1992|By DON VITEK

Last week, it was reported that Karen Wisner posted a 220 duckpin score at the Hampstead Bowling Center.

Research by Ginny Blackowicz, marketing director of the center, revealed that the 220 game was the highest game by a woman at the center and placed second overall behind Billy Beam's 233 game. Mark Ayres holds third place with a 212.

"My dad, Les [Ayres], was doing a little coaching that night," Ayres said. "Dad has always helped me with my game."

Ayres, who lives in Millers, started bowling when he was about 10 years old. He bowls in the Tuesday Men's and the Friday Mixed leagues at Hampstead Lanes and has a 126 average.

It was in the Tuesday Men's Commercial League on Oct. 20 that Ayres started slowly. His first game was a modest 105, the last game was 144, but the middle game was the strong 212 score.

The 461 set wasn't near Mark's high set of 487, but the 212 game stands alone.

Beam, born and raised in Carroll County, lives in Hampstead. Bowling since he was 15, he has a solid 132 average with a high set of 545. His high game is a 235, but it's a 233 game, thrown in a Wednesday night league, that stands as the highest duckpin game at Hampstead Bowling Center.

"It's an aggravating game," Beam said, "But I like it better than tenpins. Duckpins is much more of a challenge."

Way above average

Joe Riddle, a 189-average tenpin bowler, is cranking it up this season.

Riddle, who lives in Reisterstown, bowls in the Monday league at Fair Lanes Kings Point and the Tuesday Men's League at Hampstead.

He started bowling about 12 years ago, and he's posted a 699 high set.

He posted his high career game (279) on Oct. 13 at Hampstead. That was just a week after he shot a 276 game in the same league. That fast start has his average way over his

usual, 212 as of now. The night he shot the 279, he added games of 201 and 207.

"That gave me a 687 for the series," he said. "The 279 should have been a 300 game and the series should have been 700-plus, but I started thinking about both scores while I was bowling. That goofed up both scores. I did the same thing when I shot the 699 series -- started thinking about the 700 set too much."

Heating up in Hampstead

Things are really heating up in the Tuesday Men's League at Hampstead Lanes.

In addition to Joe Riddle's 279 game, Tom Richard pounded out a 278 game on the same night, on lanes 23 and 24.

Oh, so close

Tom Richards of Manchester is throwing some big games this season.

Richards, a 180-average bowler usually, is averaging over 200 this season, and in the Tuesday Men's League at Hampstead Bowling Center recently he started the night with nine strikes.

"In the 10th frame I picked up my ball and said, 'Just one more, baby,' but I pulled it. I knew I was crossing the head pin and I just turned away," he said.

"The guys told me the ball just caught the head pin on the Brooklyn side. I picked up the two-pinner and threw another strike, so I guess I can't complain. I came close."

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