Busy Bucey redoubles her efforts Joins with Jackson to win Bel Air event


November 01, 1992|By DON VITEK

The Harford County 600 Club Tournament drew 17 doubles teams to the Women's International Bowling Congress-sanctioned event at Bel Air Bowl on Oct. 18.

Michele Bucey and Iris Jackson squeezed out a two-pin victory over Nance Barnard and Shirley Bowman, 1,237-1,235. Bucey is the president of the 600 Club, and Barnard is the vice president.

Bucey, who lives in Forest Hill, started bowling about five years ago and bowls at Bel Air Bowl on Tuesday and Wednesday and at Harford Lanes on Friday.

Throwing a 14-pound Pro Rhino ball, she carries a 159 average. Her career-high game is 257 and high set is 600-plus. Busy as she is with bowling three nights a week and serving as vice president of Baltimore advertising agency Richardson, Myers and Donofrio, she takes time to coach the Young American Bowling Alliance kids at Forest Hill Bowling Center.

"Bowling is a fun sport," Bucey said. "And working with the youngsters is just great because you know you're helping to form the nucleus of tomorrow's bowlers."

Barnard, her husband, Ed, and two sons, Jason and Adam, form a bowling family. Ed is a 200-plus average bowler, Jason, 17, averages in the 190s, and Adam, 10, averaged in the 150s last year.

Barnard carries a 186 average bowling Tuesday at Bel Air Bowl and Friday at Harford Lanes. Her high game is 266 and the high set is 677.

"Basically, I'm a down-and-in bowler," she said. "And since I drilled a new bowling ball, a 15-pound Sumo, at the start of the season, I've been scoring pretty good."

Third place in the tournament was captured by the team of Judy Wheeler and Jessie Waldrup. Bonnie Kissner had the high game of 212 and Donna Smith threw the tournament-leading 618 series.

The 600 Club has scheduled a member-youth event at Aberdeen Proving Ground bowling center on Jan. 31.

Youths sitting on board

For the first time in its history, the Cecil-Harford Young American Bowling Alliance will have two youths sitting on its board -- Laura Raab and Chad Kornick.

Laura lives in Bel Air with her parents, Joann and Gerry, and has been bowing for "about four years." The 16-year-old attends the Harford Technical school, where's she studying food preparation and management.

Throwing a 12-pound Columbia White Dot ball, she carries a 125 average with a high game of 215. She bowls in the Sunday All Star Travel League and the Saturday morning YABA league at Forest Hill Lanes.

Chad, a senior at Fallston High, has been bowling since he was 8. He lives in Joppa with his parents, Vicki and Dane, and bowls in All Star Travel League and the YABA at Forest Hill Lanes. Using a 16-pound Pro Rhino bowling ball, he has a 170 average with a high game of 258 and a high set of 647.

Chad, who plans to major in business and management in college, said, "I'd like to bowl for a college team. I like bowling and I'll stay with it."

Meanwhile he is developing his business and management skills by working at the restaurant and snack bar at Forest Hill Lanes.

Perfect pro shop proprietor

Marty Letscher, owner of Marty's Pro Shop in Bel Air Bowl, was bowling in the 770 Major League on Oct. 20 when he strung 12 strikes together for another 300 game.

Tournament news

Forest Hill Lanes has a 9-No Tap Singles tournament in progress today with starting times of noon, 1:30, 3 and 4:30 p.m. The first-place prize is a guaranteed $500. It's open to all ABC/WIBC-sanctioned amateur bowlers and will consist of three games bowled across six lanes.

Entries close today for the Harford County Women's Bowling Association 29th annual Local Championship Tournament, which will be at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, on Nov. 7-8 and Nov. 14-15. Entry forms are available at all local bowling centers.

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